Ridout House - Comfort


Accommodation and Communal Facilities

• Nine en suite bedrooms including bathroom and toilet set out over three floors. Two rooms ground floor, four rooms first floor, three rooms second floor. All rooms conform at a minimum with regulatory size requirements and have lockable doors with a master key. All rooms are equipped with profile beds to optimise safe handling and comfort. All bedrooms and en suite rooms are equipped with nurse call facilities in case of requirement or emergency (also available in all common rooms and bathrooms).

• One spacious Communal Dining Room suitably furnished with easy move dining chairs, non-slip surface with sufficient dining spaces for all residents. Room also available for social activities as appropriate including television.

• One spacious lounge area equipped with appropriate soft furnishings and television.

• Kitchen area – is not accessible to residents for health & safety reasons but drinks and snacks are available on request to be taken in the dining area/lounge or bedroom as required. The kitchen is operated in accordance with Food Hygiene regulations.

• The Manager’s Office accommodates administration staff and is otherwise accessible only to carers requiring to service personal support plans and GP’s/allied professionals.

• Library – Is a small room available to Residents for reading or for personal meetings with their visitors/GP’s/clergy.

• Cleaning supplies room is not accessible to residents.

• There is a lift accessible to all residents covering all floors of the property.

• As a secondary facility a chair lift is available between the first floor and the ground floor.

• The fire escape is for emergency use only under staff supervision.

• The Basement area is located away from the communal areas and comprises of the Laundry, Sluice Room, Storage Room, private living area of the Manager and access to the garden areas. There is also available a toilet on this level.

• Parking is available for up to three vehicles at the front of the property, being capable of accommodating service vehicles. Parking is also available at the rear of the property for up to four vehicles.

• There is a rear garden of generous size and well-ordered lay out with designed ambulatory areas and seating, so residents can socialise accordingly. Although the premises are not designed to have a totally secure perimeter at the care levels provided the garden is walled and gives a good level of privacy with a bolted rear gate. The addition of a summerhouse is planned later in the year.

• Wheelchair access- although the property does not take level 4 residents, where a resident is travelling a longer distance and a wheelchair is desirable there is wheelchair access from the rear car park to the property which is also available for disabled visitors.

• Signage – all signage has been reviewed by Health & Safety Consultants and is in place.

Ridout House