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Residents’ Charter

  • To be encouraged to, and assisted in maintaining a high quality of life, with respect given to the residents’ individuality.

  • To be encouraged to maintain independence, choosing wherever possible, their own levels of freedom, lifestyle and habits.

  • To have their affairs dealt with confidentially and to have their privacy respected.

  • To be treated with courtesy and dignity.

  • To be encouraged to fulfil their human, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

  • To be addressed as they wish.

  • To be safeguarded from discrimination on any grounds whether it be age, disability, sex, race, language or religion.

  • To take control of the administering of their own medicines where appropriate to do so.

  • To be able to retain the doctor of their choice and receive medical care in private.

  • To bathe, wash and use toilet facilities in private or with assistance if the resident chooses.

  • To be encouraged to use the facilities available to other people living in the community and to be assisted to make this possible.

  • To have the right to privately consult a solicitor, advisor or advocate and to have the right to be represented, when this is necessary, to put forward their point of view.

  • To be provided with homely, safe and clean accommodation of a high standard.

  • To have access to a telephone in a position of privacy.

  • To be provided with appetising and nourishing food appropriate to the individuals’ dietary needs and
    personal wishes.

  • To be encouraged to continue with any prior hobbies or interests or develop new pastimes

  • To be able to comment freely or to complain about any aspect of the service provided without prejudice or recrimination.

  • To be given a quality service of a consistent standard that is appropriate and responsive to the individuals’ needs.

  • To be cared for by appropriately qualified and trained staff.

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