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Complaints and Feedback Information

Graphically the Escalation Process and Flowchart covering Concerns and Complaints is shown below:

Raising Complaints/Concerns Policy and Procedures Flow Chart:

Raising complaints and concerns is a key policy to support the Safeguarding of our residents’ interests and those of our staff and trustees. A complaint or a concern can be indicative of a need to change working practices or procedure or a Safeguarding issue, so it is vital such communication is captured and acted on where appropriate. A complaint or concern maybe raised by a resident or any appointed representative or family member who has a concern or any member of staff. In the most serious cases there may be a need for the Trustees/Manager to refer the issue to the Safeguarding Team for action and review. Flow charts follow setting staged resolution/escalation processes to follow:

Referral to SPOR (Single Point of Referral):

Where the decision has been made to refer a particular concern to SPOR the undermentioned procedures will be observed:

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