Although our day to day finances are optimised in terms of running costs we are reliant on public and private charitable donations to cater for certain capital projects and equipment needs that emerge from time to time in order to keep pace with the standards expected in an evolving care sector.

Whilst we have been very successful over the past few years in raising funds it is a more challenging environment as everyone has been affected by higher costs and lower income.  In addition, despite the fact that most of us will reach this stage, it is harder to raise money for the elderly than children or animals.

We are very grateful for the funding from all those wonderful people who have supported us so far. Inevitably however we do need to expand our sources of funding over time. This might be achieved by direct donations or through estate planning if you feel able to give more substantial long term support.

Donations can be either restricted (that is for a specified purpose) or unrestricted i.e. can be used for any project. Our current project(s) are detailed under Fundraising.

We are, of course, very happy to accept donations directly no matter how small. If you feel able to support us in this way please send us a cheque or click here to send us an email.

Did you know that on a donation of £50 or more we could be claiming back an additional 25p for every £1 given? So a donation of £50 is actually worth £62.50 for us! All is required is for you to complete a tax reclaim certificate which we will gladly send to you.

You may wish to consider providing more lasting support for our work in order to sustain what has already been a memorable 40 years in providing care for senior citizens. This might be achieved via a bequest, endowment or similar testamentary instruction in terms of enduring support for the home.

If you would consider supporting us either now or in the future you may in the first instance wish to discuss matters with your legal advisor who will be able to consider what is appropriate relative to any support you may have in mind.

Full audited accounts are available on request should you require a greater understanding of our activities and the Trustees are always available should you require any further information. All donations will be personally acknowledged with our grateful thanks.

Thank you for considering us, any help being greatly appreciated.

Ridout House