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Referral and Admission Procedures

The services of Ridout House Residential Home are available to all senior citizens of 65 years of age and over regardless of gender, race, religion or persuasion who are eligible to live permanently in Jersey.

The facilities provided are for those individuals assessed at care levels 1, 2 and 3. The home does not provide nursing services and is therefore unable to accept any individual assessed at Level 4.

All potential admissions of residents are directly overseen by the Manager together with the Assistant Manager to provide a four eyes process and allow for the fact one or the other will generally be present on the premises and have awareness of a new resident’s requirements.

The Manager carries out a two stage process as follows:

Firstly, the Manager and Assistant Manager will obtain the personal support plan devised for the potential resident by their allocated care coordinator and review the plan to ensure that the potential resident’s care needs can be met by the home under the services provided. Particular care is taken at Level 3 in terms of the advancement of mental or physical imparity at this level to ascertain proximity to Level 4 and the sense of an admission that might be otherwise for a very short period.

Where it is established that the home, prima facie, can support an applicant’s needs arrangements are initially made to meet the resident and/or their representative in their current setting to check that the tabulated criteria under the relevant care plan correspond. Consideration will also be given at this stage to ensure the social setting of the home is likely to be compatible both for the potential resident and existing residents.

If the manager is satisfied with the circumstances of the first meeting and the potential resident/representative are also satisfied with the first meeting and respond in the affirmative the Manager proceeds to the next level.

Secondly the resident / representative is then welcomed to Ridout House for a second meeting and evaluation to ensure that all parties are happy with the environment and this also provides an opportunity to meet other residents as part of the settling in process.

It is entirely possible family representatives / potential residents may choose to visit Ridout House beforehand to ensure they are happy with potential surroundings and environment and the Manager is happy to entertain such meetings subject to due process as above and consideration of the personal support plan as set out.

Although generally not the case occasionally a potential applicant may not already be assessed and have a personal support plan. In these circumstances the Manager will make every effort to include a health professional in the process before carrying out an initial assessment of needs and devise the personal support plan and if applicable give advice on entering the Long Term Care Scheme, so a care coordinator can be appointed at the appropriate time, and the personal support plan regularised accordingly. As above acceptance of any potential resident is subject to Level 1,2 and 3 criteria only.

Ridout House is often helpful to those would be residents who have memory problems and will benefit from the familiarity and continuity of surroundings.

All residential contracts are subject to a one month trial period to ensure the service received and given is mutually acceptable to the resident and provider (further detail in Rights and Responsibility section on resident’s contracts).

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