Summary of the Services and Facilities provided

Services Provided:

Our services are tailored for senior citizens over the age of 60 years, formally assessed at level 1, 2 or 3 criteria as set out in local health authority standards. In summary a range of residential services are extended, and our fees are the same as government specified charge out rates under the Long Term Care provisions in force in Jersey. We do not charge extra sums for incidentals provided and uniform fees are charged to all residents at respective care levels, no matter what level of subsidy is provided by government. Confirmation of charges applied is included on our website.

Specifically, services provided are as follows:

• Accommodation – is provided in one of nine en suite bedrooms situated in premises known as Ridout House, each room having its own bathroom and toilet facilities.

• Furnishings – rooms are let on an unfurnished basis as we believe that it is important residents have the choice of bringing their own furniture which may have some sentimental value to them though available space may limit this. We do keep a few items of furniture on the premises which can be used if required but we have no contractual obligation to supply furnishing. Each room however is equipped with a profile bed to ensure care when resting is optimised as far as possible.

• Care – the premises are staffed 24 hours a day, in line with Care Commission guidelines. Each resident may discuss / query their personal support plan at any time. Personal support plans are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure support remains appropriate to the individual. Personal Care is offered at Levels 1, 2 and 3.

• Prescribed medication as required under the resident’s care plan is dispensed by suitably trained carers.

• Manager/Assistant Manager – either person is on hand or on call to answer any questions or requests not otherwise handled by the other care staff on duty.

• Bathing is typically in the en suite bathrooms (thermostatically controlled). A separate bathroom and walk in shower room is available for assisted bathing under supervision with heat test for water drawn.

• Catering – three meals are offered a day, namely breakfast, 2 course lunch and 3 course supper. Meals may be taken in the dining room or served in the resident’s room.

Breakfast is typically served in the resident’s room at a time to suit the resident. Lunch is served at 12.00pm in the dining room, Supper at 5.00pm in the dining room. Sandwiches or snacks are available at the resident’s discretion. Refreshments are available throughout the day either on request or at serving sessions (normally six).

• Food provisioning – varied nutritious menus are provided and are changed on a regular basis and due consideration given to any specific dietary requirements and personal support plans.

• Laundry – regular services are provided on the premises, on a twice weekly basis and where urgent as soon as practically possible and returned the same day. Reasonable wear and tear regarding garments and bed linens is to be expected.

• Access to private gardens is allowed to all residents to enjoy attendant recreational benefits.

• Lounge facilities are available within the premises equipped with suitable furnishings and a television. Wi-Fi is available in the common areas on the ground floor.

• Social activities – a range of activities are on hand during any month and include, minibus outings, quizzes, bingo, pamper sessions, film and popcorn sessions, mobile library and church. All activities are optional.

• Interaction with support agencies.

• Shopping – those residents requiring additional items, where they are not in a position to visit shops themselves, for example toiletries, confectionary, newspapers etc. may request a member of staff to purchase items in the local area or a member of staff may escort the resident to a shop dependant on the circumstances of the resident and what is considered mutually appropriate. Where items are purchased on behalf of a resident where the resident is not present the relevant receipt will be handed to the resident with any change.

• Finances – the home does not generally provide for specific care of residents’ money or valuables and residents are encouraged not the keep items of intrinsic value on the premises. Where in exceptional cases because of individual circumstances (remote family / relatives, curatorship) the Manager will personally supervise each case and keep appropriate receipts. It is a strict policy member of staff will not involve themselves in the financial affairs of residents.  Rooms may be locked.

• Equipment – personal equipment to assist with disabilities is not generally provided and is the responsibility of the resident and or their representatives to source. The manager will however advise and assist with commissioning appropriate applications to agencies for supply of equipment.

• Invoicing – the only charge normally made is for care received at the prescribed rates for Level 1, 2 and 3. These charges are arranged by standing order or direct credit from Social Security, depending on the resident’s circumstances, at the commencement of the contract. Invoices are not normally issued as the charges are flat and advertised and agreed as above. Annual fee increase letters are issued and requests made to adjust banking instructions. Residents deal with their own minor expenses directly.

• Care of Data – the home is subject to local data protection regulation as required from time to time. Key personal data is secured by the manager under lock and key subject to access by appropriately authorised care staff operating personal support plans. Each resident is issued with a privacy note explaining how data is cared for and rights of access. Personal data may be shared with the Care Commission and appropriate agencies as part of our Safeguarding Policies.

Ridout House