Our overriding Philosophy of Care to support the values of our Residents Charter is as follows:

The Home is focussed on providing residents with a safe, secure and homely environment in which their care, well-being and comfort is of prime importance.

All our carers strive to preserve and maintain the dignity, individuality and privacy of all our residents. This is achieved within a warm and caring atmosphere, which is sensitive and adaptable to the residents’ ever-changing needs. Such needs may be medical, therapeutic (physical and mental welfare), cultural, psychological, spiritual, emotional and social.

Service users are encouraged to participate in the development of their individualised Personal Support Plans in which the involvement of family and friends may be appropriate and greatly valued.

This philosophy will be realised through programmes of activities designed to encourage mental alertness, self-esteem, and social interaction.

Ridout’s core values of care are fundamental to this philosophy and form the basis of all actions and behaviour within the home.

Core Values supporting our Philosophy are:

• Quality

We strive to offer the highest level of quality in everything we do. From the service we provide to the skilled and sensitive people that we employ, quality is of the utmost importance. Quality at the Home is constantly monitored and where necessary, improved in order to enable all our residents to achieve the best possible quality of life.

• Service

We aim to offer the highest level of service. A service that is personalised, caring and professional.

• Communication

We believe that communication is one of our most important assets and we endeavour to offer open communication channels with our residents and their families, our team, visitors and our other stakeholders.

• Respect

We respect all individuals and are continuously conscious of each person’s individual needs and desires.

• Teamwork 

We believe that a strong team enables us to deliver the highest possible service for our residents. Good teamwork and happy staff enable us to create a caring and secure environment.

Ridout House